Metaverse: Evrensel Simülasyon’da Sizin Rolünüz Ne Olacak?

Metaverse can be a transformative technology that puts the stones in place that seem to move independently of each other in the technology revolution we have been living in the last 30 years. But at the same time, the Metaverse could also be the beginning of one of humanity’s worst nightmares. The outcome will be determined by what we do now

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00:00 The Beginning of the Digital Technology Revolution

01:54 What is Metaverse?

05:19 Could the Metaverse Be the Mortar That Unites the Pieces of the Technorevolution?

06:26 Could the Metaverse Be the Beginning of Simulation Theory?

06:56 Marketed Metaverse Imaginary and Technological Problems

08:03 Metaverse Philosophy: How A Top-Down Universe Will Sell You?

11:52 Techno-Skepticism: Building Better Technology, With More Confident Steps…

14:47 REAL Problems of Metaverse

17:31 Our Perception of Reality Cannot Be Entrusted to a Company Like Facebook!

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